Machines and Chemical products for reinforced polyester

Trade company of products used as raw material for fiberglass industry.

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MAIQUIPRELstrives to be a partner company of its clients, to be the solution to the promotion of your business, providing quality products and technical knowledge of composite materials.

We manufacture Gelcoats, Topcoats, Pigmented Pastes and Bonding Pastes. Commercialize Fiberglass, Fabrics, Complexes, Polyester Resins, etc.

Prepare Resins according to customer needs with emphasis on the pigmentation aspects, introduction of charges, viscosity adjustments, thixotropic and reactivity due to the application systems (manual, spray, RTM, injection, etc).

We invested daily in quality of our products. This quality is validated by our customers who, for decades, have valued us with the continuity of commercial relationship.