About US

MAIQUIPREL started its activity in 1989, in the municipality of Maia. Small installations have become insufficient to answer customers needs / requests. In 1992 MAIQUIPREL changed its headquarters to Romariz. The new facilities allowed the acquisition of production equipment and the creation of the laboratory.

In the 90’s MAIQUIPREL stablished several partnerships with global manufactures of the composites industry, like Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, Companhia Petroquímica do Barreiro, Wacker, Dupont, among others.

In 2000, the sustainable growth of the Maiquiprel allowed the creation of new facilities, now, in the city of Ovar.

The internalization of its products had its greatest in the 2002 with opening of new export routes to Europe and Africa.

Management is currently led by the company founder’s descendants that have followed a strategy of growth, innovation and value of customers and business partners.



MAIQUIPREL’s mission is to produce and sell products that can answer to the market needs. We’ll continue combine knowledge, experience and dedication to ensure the supply of quality products.


MAIQUIPREL wants to occupy a prominent place in the national market as well get into new international markets.


The intrinsic values are the main engine of this activity.

Costumer Orientation: to offer a wide range of products tailored to the customer’s needs.

Quality: to ensure the satisfaction and expectations of customer.

Innovation: we think in innovation as an essential tool for the growth of the company. It´s our priority: quality, cost reduction and launch of new products.

Competence: to have qualified and experienced human resources, able to solve problems.

Human Development: believe in people and the potencial of each one to grow with the company. We bet on the individual contribution to obtain collective results.